March 2022 Update

Can you believe it’s already March 2022? On that note, there is so much to say about where we stand currently, and the next steps for the Hudson Armory Project in the coming months.

A bird's eye view photo of the Armory during autumn
July 7, 2022


Over the last 2+ years, we have raised approximately $580,000.00 in grants, earmarks, and individual and corporate contributions.

If you have donated to the Armory, thank you! It really can’t be said enough how much your support is appreciated.  We are incredibly thankful for your generosity.

If you’re thinking about donating to the Hudson Armory Project, this is the time.  Here is one great reason why your support is needed right now:

We have raised 65% of the matching funds for the MA Cultural Council grant and have about 14 months to go to complete that process. Once we have raised the matching $200,000.00, we will have access to those additional funds.

The funds will allow the Armory to be purchased, and “buttoned up”, as we launch a major capital campaign to fund the next steps in the project.  After that, the community arts and cultural center becomes a reality in brick and mortar.  Therefore, any amount you contribute right now will help ensure the future success of The Armory Project.  Donate now

Armory Building Vote, and how you can help:

An upcoming town meeting on Monday, May 2nd will be the next largest step in making the community center a reality.  

We, the Hudson Cultural Alliance, will need to lease the Armory from the town, in order to create and run the future community arts and cultural center.  

At that town meeting, there will be a vote to allow the town to enter into that lease agreement! We will need your votes to ensure that this happens.  Hold the date Monday, May 2, Hudson High School Auditorium, 7:30 pm.

We will update you with more to come, including upcoming environmental study results and what happens next as we move towards the purchase of the Armory building from the Commonwealth.

Create yours,
The Hudson Armory Project