Meet Donna Chaff

Beginning piano lessons at the age of 5 and progressing to the organ by the time she was 14 years old, Donna Chaff of Hudson has fulfilled her father’s prediction that, “She has the fingers of a pianist!”

A bird's eye view photo of the Armory during autumn
July 7, 2022

After a 35-year career as a music educator spanning New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and even Athens, Greece, Donna retired from the Wellesley school district where she was awarded the Massachusetts Music Teacher of the Year in 2011 and the Wellesley Distinguished Service Award in 2016. She holds a Music Education degree from the University of Lowell as well as a Master’s in Education from Cambridge College and Brandman University.

Chaff developed a passion for Jane Austen after taking a course at Harvard. Ms. Austen was an accomplished pianist and about a dozen folios of her music have been preserved over the years by the Austen family. Using that resource, Donna has created and performed multiple informative concerts using the musical ideas found in Austen’s novels. Watch and listen to one of her performances.  As shown in the picture, Donna wears full Regency regalia while performing! Check out her website for more details.

Practicing piano every day gives Chaff an opportunity to share her joy of music with others. In addition to her Austen specialty, Donna plays piano/organ for various musicals, community choruses, concerts, and churches. Other creative outlets include membership in Delta Kappa Gamma, a women educators’ sorority, book club, sewing classes, and the Hudson Cultural Council where she currently holds the position of co-chair.

When asked about the Armory’s future as an Arts Center, Chaff responds: “Having an Arts Center in Hudson will create THE space for the community. People will think of the Armory first as a space for arts and civic events – musical performances, lectures, art exhibits, historical presentations, farmer/flea markets, pop-up performances, drama, science fairs, etc. The Armory Project will be a part of the Downtown Revitalization – one destination for shopping, dinner and an Armory event – sounds like a perfect evening to me!”

Until then, plan your perfect morning, afternoon, or evening by supporting your local restaurants and businesses.

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