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A bird's eye view photo of the Armory during autumn
July 7, 2022

Just like her grandparents and great-grandparents, Lorene Jean was raised and grew up in Hudson. As a resident of 50 years she holds the community near and dear to her heart. “I live in Bolton now, but I like to say that I live just over the line.” Jean says, “I love Hudson. I always have in all its iterations.”

As a child Jean spent a lot of time around the arts and humanities. Her mother was fascinated with art, history, and science, and shared that fascination with her family. “She loved knowledge.” Jean said of her mother, “By the time I started school I had been to most of the museums in a 40 mile radius – many of them annually.” Jean learned then that art was as much a part of life as everything else around her.

As she got older, Jean needed employment that would satisfy the itch for artistic satisfaction and allow her to spend time with her family. She knew how to frame pictures, and the opportunity arose; Hudson Art and Framing was born, and is now in its 29th year. Jean has always pulled from the local talent, telling of the amazing artists in Hudson and the neighboring communities.

A black and white photograph of Lorene Jean waving outside the door to Hudson Art & Framing on October 1, 1992.

Having lived near to the downtown area, Lorene Jean is quite fond of the Armory, praising it as an historic anchor. She calls it the perfect location with the right visual gravity to be a special place for all. “Art brings art. The more you invite, the larger the community.” Jean says. She feels that the Armory would be a wonderful place for young people in town to enjoy art and culture.

Jean hopes to see art shows, performances, dances, classes, talks, and more things that she hasn’t imagined yet. “Certainly, the downtown businesses would reap the joy of new customers and more foot traffic, and more adults could see, hear and learn new things without having to travel.

All of Hudson would benefit.”We hope you will check out what Lorene Jean and Hudson Art and Framing have to share with the community.Until the next update, stay safe and connected, and be sure to support your local restaurants and businesses.

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