Meet Michelle Mercier

Our spring newsletter features Michelle Mercier, a Hudson resident, entrepreneur, and an expert in leading organizations to accomplish their plans and projects.

A bird's eye view photo of the Armory during autumn
July 7, 2022

Michelle is a Business Coach/Consultant, a Dare to Lead™ Trained professional, the host of the top ranked podcast The Resilient Entrepreneur as well as a sought-after speaker. With over 20+ years of corporate and professional experience Michelle has worked with a wide range of different businesses – from nationally acclaimed non-profits to enterprise level corporations like PayPal. Currently, she works primarily with high achieving leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to create an incredible business strategy coupled with an effective personal development plan.

One of Mercier’s newer projects is podcasting, which she started when the pandemic hit. She saw first-hand what her clients were experiencing, both personally and professionally. While the media focused on how to strategically pivot business to make it through the pandemic, not much was focused on the emotional side of entrepreneurship in the face of adversity—so Michelle got the ball rolling with a series of podcasts entitled The Resilient Entrepreneur.

“Podcasting is a wonderful medium for storytelling, providing education and creating connection so it seemed like a logical fit. The podcast is where I share all the lessons I have learned, as well as interview CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs who have succeeded in the face of adversity. My goal was to create a platform to help people feel less alone on their entrepreneurial journeys. I wanted them to hear that if the guest can overcome adversity…so can they!"

According to Mercier, podcasting ( allows for a one-to-many approach which can significantly boost network and impact for any organization. It is an also an artistic medium that provides a personalized and convenient experience for listeners…available right at their fingertips.  Another advantage to podcasting is that it can position one as an expert in your field and help form connections from all over the globe. Last but not least, it is extremely cost effective and does not take a lot of capital to start up.

Michelle works with PR agencies that supply her with guests and she is always on the lookout for stories that align with the podcast’s mission of overcoming adversity and thriving professionally.  As a business owner, she is constantly creating – whether it be innovating to increase efficiency in her business, troubleshooting for a client, or recording. Other creative pursuits include her love for music...from classical to rock to rap and more. She is also a singer which helps her stay grounded when life gets crazy.

When asked about the benefits of The Hudson Armory Project Michelle expressed her enthusiasm: “I am looking forward to seeing all different mediums of visual and performing arts come to life in Hudson! I have a master’s degree in Arts Administration from Boston University and have read hundreds of case studies on the positive economic impact the arts can have on a community. I have also worked for many arts organizations and have had a front row seat to the incredible things they can do. The positive transformation that an Arts and Cultural Center will bring to the Hudson area will last for generations to come!"

Share your support for the project by attending the Town Meeting, Monday, May 2nd, 7:30 pm, Hudson High School, 69 Brigham Street, and vote Yes! Encourage your Hudson family and friends to support Article 28.


To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Select Board, on behalf of the Town, to enter into a lease with the Hudson Cultural Alliance, Inc, for the armory property at 35 Washington Street, for a period of three (3) years and under terms and conditions as determined by the Select Board; or take any other action relative thereto.

Spring is bringing back outside dining along with fests and festivals over the next few months to Hudson. Be sure and support our local businesses and restaurants.

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The Hudson Armory Project