A Community That Creates Together, Thrives Together.

The Armory, a historic landmark located in the heart of downtown Hudson, Massachusetts, is poised to become the region’s most cherished community arts and cultural center. The Hudson Armory Project invites all lovers of the arts, education, economic growth, and culture to help bring this new vision of the Armory to life. 

Photo: Jim DeLuco,
A photograph of the front of the Armory building looking down the walkway

Transforming a Historic Landmark into a Home for Culture and Community 

The mission of the Hudson Armory Project is to transform the historic Armory Building into a preeminent cultural destination for the MetroWest region.

In its rehabilitated form, the Armory will promote local arts initiatives, support economic growth, and preserve the rich lineage of a building known for its extensive service to the community.

Returning a Historic Hudson Building to its Former Glory

How do you bring an abandoned building back to life?
Patience, perseverance... and lots of people.

Step #1
A photograph of the large wooden doors at the  front entrance to the Armory
Photo credit: Jim DeLuco @

A Lifetime Opportunity (Taken)

When the Massachusetts state police department notified the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) that the Hudson Armory building was no longer needed for training or storing supplies, DCAMM gave the Town of Hudson the opportunity of a lifetime: buy the historic building from the state or let the state sell the building at a public auction to the highest bidder. Through the hard work of the community, Senator Eldridge, and Rep Kate Hogan, the town of Hudson acquired the Armory and signed a lease with the Hudson Cultural Alliance

Step #2
A photo of the Armory during autumn
Photo credit: Jim DeLuco @

Restoration and Revitalization 

Renovating the Armory building begins with functional assessments and architectural proposals but it is the vision of a gathering space full of people, music, art, classes and celebrations that really drives the engine of change. 

Step #3
A photograph of some of Hudson many downtown storefronts.
Photo credit: Jim DeLuco @

A Community That Creates Together...

The magic of the Hudson Armory is in its unlimited potential. The Hudson Cultural Alliance will partner with local non-profits, town departments, and businesses to bring a plethora of activities and events to the community. Whether learning about history, listening to the symphony, joining an after-school program, attending a play, or learning how to make jewelry from a local artist, the Hudson Armory’s programming will be designed to appeal to the interest and needs of the people it serves.

The Creative Economy in Action 

The Armory will be physically restored and programmatically designed to serve a large and diverse population. While artists and educators inspire and share their talents, local restaurants and downtown businesses will reap the rewards of an increase in commercial traffic. The Hudson Armory, in its fully realized form, is a prime example of how a centralized location can activate and expand the creative economy.

The Key to a Thriving Community is You 

The success of the Hudson Armory Project depends on the contributions of the people it serves. Each donation is a step towards a visionary arts center with the boundless potential to provide entertainment, education, financial opportunities, social connections, and creative expression.

A Community That Creates Together, Thrives Together. 

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