About Our Project

Returning a Historic Hudson Building to its Former Glory

The Hudson Armory Project was developed by the Hudson Cultural Alliance to facilitate the creative collaboration between local organizations, businesses, artists, and performers with the goal of actively engaging a large and diverse regional audience.

Acquire New Skills and Unleash Your Creativity

Through strategic partnerships, the Hudson Armory Project will be able to offer a variety of workshops that cater to the interests of its members and other residents. Workshops may include podcasting, photography, music lessons, jewelry, and visual art studies.

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Building Community Connections

To foster a more cohesive and active community, the project will cultivate connections among Hudson residents with shared interests. By welcoming veterans' and community historical groups, we will share the history of the building while providing a place to meet. In addition, the Hudson Armory project will provide support to local youth groups, senior citizen groups, and other cultural organizations.

Community Interests
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Performing Arts and Culture Experiences to Remember

Once The Armory is renovated, there will be performing arts and exhibition space. Regional arts organizations will be able to take advantage of much-needed areas for rehearsals.

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Unforgettable Community Events

With an open floor plan and outdoor event areas, The Armory will host a variety of public events. Examples may include Farmer's markets, library book sales, and other gatherings that will take advantage of the unique space.

Public Events
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Empowering Local Creatives

The new space will allow artists from all over the region access to studio space, needed to develop their work. Storage is a much-needed commodity, so removing the burden of lack of storage space will help local arts organizations focus on their work.

Exhibitions & Studios
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